10 Ways Dogs are Thankful for their People

Giving thanks for people from a dog’s perspective

Cha Cha Couture Denim Dog SlingFor those of us who are passionate dog lovers, we thought you might like to know why our dogs are thankful for our love and attention, on this Thanksgiving Day. These observations come from experience with our Doggie-Diva Boutique family of beloved dogs.

A dog gives thanks for people:

1. Couples with no children need training
We love it when young couples who are newlyweds adopt us. They are not sure if they are ready for children, so we can teach them the basics about how to care for a creature that cannot talk! We will even indulge them by letting them put clothes on us, talk to us in a silly voice and act as if we are their “baby.”

2. They like to go on a moment’s notice
Our people love to take us with them, so we are always ready when they say, “Let’s go!” It does not matter whether it is a short walk around the block, or a hike in the country, we love to hang out with our humans outdoors.

3. It doesn’t take much to make them happy
All we have to do is wag our tails and we get a smile. We enjoy staring into their eyes to make them feel loved, so when they notice, and speak to us, all we have to do is a “sit pretty” and a wag.

4. They ask for empathy and unconditional love
Humans feel happy and sad along with a bunch of other emotions. We know it is our job to lay our head in their laps, lick them on the hand and sit quietly beside them whenever they need understanding. They are good about returning the same kindness.

5. We help fill the empty nest
Often we are adopted when the children grow up and leave their parents. We adore giving parents who live alone a reason to laugh, to provide 24/7 care and something to talk about. Other “empty nesters” will dog sit for their children who are our masters, calling us their “granddog.”

6. They can be talked into exercise, no matter how they feel
Our folks will get up from their easy chair or nap for a walk. If we insist, they will even walk farther than they planned. They will take us on errands, visits with friends or simply to sit on a park bench. We appreciate that they enjoy our company and we certainly love their companionship.

cast_characters_duck_dog_toy_dog_thumbnail7. They are patient with our training
Sometimes we take a little time to understand what they want, but they keep trying to communicate with us until we “get it.” That is why we love it when our humans take the time to teach new habits and tricks. Of course, chew treats and toys encourage learning, along with head pats and praise.

8. They provide comfort when we are down
When we are sick, our parents pay attention by taking us to our doctor immediately to find out what is wrong. If we are bored, we can get a treat, take a ride and play ball with our two-legged companions and soon forget our blues.

Dog and man in park9. Keep us social
Because we are “pack” animals, we love to have our families around us. They think it is clever when we herd  everyone together for a gathering. They also don’t mind if we want to stop and sniff other dogs and their owners when we take a walk.

10. They make our world better
The best part about our masters is that they train us to fit into their lives. That means we love them even more because we become partners that support each other in this world.

We like to reward our owners every chance we get, so we greet them enthusiastically when they return home; we wag and lick to let them know they are appreciated; and we stay by their side through good times and bad so they will never have to feel abandoned.

Reasons Your Small Dog Deserves a Pet Carrier

Mia Michelle Sadie 5 Reasons to Take Your Small Dog with You Using a Pet Carrier…

Among the advantages of having a small dog as your best friend is the ability to carry him or her everywhere with you. While keeping your sweet pup on a leash is customary, a pet carrier is the alternative way to travel with her that will make both of you comfortable and happy! Here are five reasons to make a dog carrier one of your indispensable accessories!

1. Travel

Whether you are taking a trip on a commercial airline, driving your car or hopping the metro, a dog purse carrier gives you a self-contained method for transporting your little fur pal with you. You will need to carry more than just your pet. If you usually travel with a purse, carry-on and have to check or pack additional luggage, then you may simply give up the idea of travelling with your pet. Do not throw up your hands in frustration! You can carry your sweet guy or girl in a luxurious, roomy pet bag that will fit your essentials, dog treats, medicine and even an iPad or tablet!

2. As a hotel or house guest

Anywhere you stay with your pet will have strange scents, sights and sounds. To keep your pooch calm and relaxed, a carrier gives her the place to curl up, sleep and peek out when the surroundings are confusing and new. Ventilation windows on the top and sides, a soft pillow on the inside, along with room for a favorite “blankie” will give your doggie a sense of familiarity until she acclimates to the new location.

3. Pet safety

When you carry your pet on your shoulder, cross-body or in your hand, the carrier becomes a safe haven because she is surrounded with sturdy exterior material, a plush interior and you can tether her harness for security while you are on the move. Convertible handles and removable shoulder straps make pet carriers versatile for any situation you encounter, like walking in crowds, moving through airports, riding the bus or subway and using steps or elevators.

4. Training

Whatever training method you use to teach your puppy or rescued small dog, it is a must to have a “stay” location for teaching good behavior. Large dogs do well with a dog bed or mat, which can also work with the smaller breeds. However, a secure “home” to place your little buddy for naps, to stay in while you work at your desk or to hide in as you travel is a good way to teach self-discipline when the need for her to be quiet and still arises. You can use the zip-up feature or privacy flap on pet carriers, to keep your precious cargo incognito, so she can peep through the vent windows or stick her head out when you want her to be social.

Mia Michelle Madison5. Convenience and comfort

We think you will enjoy the easy way you cannot only carry your pet next to you, but also the options you have for using the purse carrier as a tote for your items. Since designer dog bags are so well made and look like familiar handbags, you will not have to sacrifice your fashion sense. Men, too, will be happy to handle a dog carrier especially when it looks like a tote and/or a satchel. Padded handles and shoulder straps provide comfort for you, while a plush interior gives small dogs under 8 lbs. a travel sanctuary.

The Doggie Diva Online Dog Boutique proudly announces a new line of pet carriers. The Mia Michelle purse style meets all the requirements for you and your pet: an exterior of faux pebble leather, interior satin waterproof lining, two large slip interior pockets, handles and removable shoulder strap, safety tether, and above all, a cozy pillow for your puppy-love. Available in three distinctive colors, the Mia Michelle pet carrier makes a perfect gift, treat for yourself, holiday travel bag and great looking new accessory. We are happy to provide personalized advice on your dog carrier needs, so just send us an email, give us a call and chat online at our store!

What Scientist Know Today about Dog Memory

What Scientist Know Today about Dog Memory

StayHow good is your dog’s memory? According to Science Daily, a study at Duke University was conducted using laboratory and “citizen scientists” to prove that dog memory is a real phenomenon. In fact, dog memory in this study proved to be more important than canine sense of smell!

The citizens who participated in the study did a simple test with their dogs. They hid a treat under one of two cups as the dog watched. When the view of the cups was blocked, the owner switched the treat to the other cup. The dogs in the trial mostly went straight for the cup where they last saw the treat. If smell were the primary motivator, they should have gone to the cup that actually had the treat!  So what can this mean for you and your dog’s relationship?

Work with Your Dog

guide_dogwsf puppy pictureOn 60 Minutes, Anderson Cooper did a segment on the “Smartest Dog in the World” that can identify over 1000 items by name. Chaser belongs to retired Psychology Professor Dr. John PIlley, who spends up to 5 hours per day training and playing games with her. The Border Collie does more than identify objects; she can also perform verbal actions with the items, such as “nose,” “paw” and “take.”

Test Your Dog

In the studies at Duke University, Dr. Bryan Hare, founder of the Canine Cognition Center at Duke, developed a website www.dognition.com that gives you ideas on how   to test your own dog. In the 60 Minutes interview with Cooper, Dr. Hare states that new findings about dog behavior suggests what those of us who are dog owners already know! That is, dogs have different levels of intelligence and can be trained to communicate wants, remember events or recognize people and things.

Trust Your Dog

Sophie StareDr. Greg Berns, Physician and Neuroscientist at Emory University, found that dog brains exhibit emotional response to us humans. In the test shown on Anderson Cooper’s interview, the dog’s brain reacted positively when he smelled his owner’s scent. The oxytocin hormone that the dog reacts with is the same one mom’s get when bonding with their newborns! Have you ever heard that you should not stare at your dog; it could be a sign of aggression? Wrong!!! When your dog is staring at you, she is really giving you a love hug with her eyes!

You will appreciate the part of Cooper’s story when he relates how he has “missed the boat” with his own dog. That is why we are giving you this information about dog memory and how brilliant our canine partners really are! It is never too late to take up new habits with your precious fur companions, so follow the links in our story and enjoy some new quality time getting to know your best friend!

The Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique thanks the following resources:

Science Daily

CBS 60 Minutes “The Smartest Dog in the World” by Anderson COoper

Duke University, Canine Congnitions Center, Dr. Bryan Hare


Fall Fashion Musts for Pets from Petote Designer Dog Carriers

Fall Fashion Musts for Pets from Petote Dog Carriers

Petote Dog Carriers at the Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique are luxury pet carriers at reasonable prices with style and convenience to take for any occasion. Here it is, mid-October and you have changed out your Fall wardrobe. But what about your small dog’s wardrobe?

Dogs Like to Tailgate, Too!

Petote Roxy Dog Carrier Red

Petote Roxy Dog Carrier — Red

Go to Sports Events with Petote Roxy Dog Carrier in Khaki. ($99.95) The khaki color is perfect for tailgating, outdoor sports events, Fall festivals or any other sporty event you and your dog wish to attend. Comfortable shoulder straps are designed to carry your pet over your shoulder or by hand. The side window that you can roll up lets your doggie poke her head out to see where you are going. She will also love the faux fur cushion inside, so she can just relax as she watches all the action. You will love the easy to clean nylon, the removable comfort pad and fashion purse size. The small bag fits 6 to 8 lb. dogs and the large fits 10-12 lbs.

Imagine that you take your little best buddy to the next tailgate party. She has the most fun watching you, and your friends eat, drink and cheer on your team!

Dogs Prefer Leather for Trip Travel

A trip with your dog to town requires the Petote Metro Couture Leather Dog Carrier in Toffee. ($349.95) The all leather carrier has a nylon interior that is easy to clean. The faux fur pillow is detachable for easy cleaning also. A side zipper pocket gives you room for your essentials and puppy’s treats. The three sizes for this designer dog carrier are petite for little doggies under 4 lbs. Small fits pups under 10 lbs. comfortably and the large fits dogs up to 15 lbs. All Petote Couture Dog Carriers have an interior safety harness to keep your dog safe and stable. You will adore the easy care leather and sturdiness of the Metro Leather Dog Carriers by Petote.

You will enjoy having your furry partner along when you take him on the subway, bus or in the car when you make a trip into town or to grandma’s house.

Dogs Appreciate a Little Culture

You need the black patent quilted Petote Marlee Dog Carrier ($229.95) to go with your little black dress! The Marlee Dog Carrier comes in one size (18″ x 7″ x 10″) and is airline approved on most carriers. If you are invited to a cocktail, dinner or gallery party, you will be happy to have your little tail-wagging partner tucked beside you in this gorgeous purse. There are privacy flaps on each side to hide your fur buddy’s presence. There is also an abundance of pockets on the Marlee Pet Carrier to hold your nighttime essentials and your pet’s chews. Made in the USA, you will be proud to carry your prized pet with you to any elegant occasion.

Can’t you just see how adorable your small dog will be when she can peek out at all the pretty people around you? Or how thrilled will your doggie be when you carry her along on a corporate jet to the opera in another city?

Dog Carrier Reviews Online Reveal Why Your Small Dog Will Love to Travel

We hear from our customers in dog carrier reviews online about how they travel with their dogs. We like to

Kwigy Bo Alex Dog Carriers Black/White

Kwigy Bo Alex Dog Carriers Black/White

know what our customers think about Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique products, quality expectations and customer service. We have three main dog carrier products: Jaraden, Kwigy-Bo and Petote. Two of the most popular are the Kwigy-Bo Alex and the Petote Marlee for dogs that weigh under 6 lbs. Here is a quick comparison of features you look for in a dog carrier.

Kwigy-Bo Alex Black ($169.95)

Kwigy-Bo Dog Carrier Alex Black

Design: Quilted animal friendly leather with silver hardware
Storage: Roomy outside pockets for dog treats, small blanket, your essentials
Dog Comfort: 1.5-inch removable quilted pad and safety harness
Privacy: Two side vents that have roll up privacy covers plus top vent with privacy flap
Travel: Airline approved one size only: 17″ length x 8″ width & 11″ height.

Petote Marlee Dog Carrier Black ($229.95)

Design: Quilted padded soft-sided designer material with silver hardware
Storage: Two large pockets on the front and one long zipper pocket on the back
Dog Comfort: Faux Fur removable pillow and safety strap
Privacy: Two side and top vents with privacy flaps
Travel: Airline approved One size: 18″ x 7″ x 10″
You can see that the comparison is very close for both luxury dog carriers. Therefore, we thought it might be helpful to give you some review examples of ALL of our dog carrier products, so you can make the decision about which is best for you and your doggie’s requirements.

Design and Storage Reviews:
Very Pleased! Stylish and very well made! Purchased for my 4# Yorkie. My dog Tequila travels everywhere with me and I like to know she is comfortable and safe. Lots of room and I love the pockets both inside and out Debby from Arizona

Jaraden Getaway Dog Carriers can come with a seat belt loop for additional safety

I’m constantly getting compliments on my “beautiful purse”, as it really doesn’t look like a dog carrier at all! It’s light enough to carry my little 3 lb Pom around everywhere I go Cheryl from Massachusetts

love it beautiful….Quality is amazing better then I expected. What I like the best is that there is room to carry all of my own personal necessities as well as my 2.5 lb Chi Abby’s things. Also the purse bag was a nice extra touch that sealed the deal : o ) Marsha from California

Dog Comfort and Privacy Reviews:
I wanted a carrier that fit my 7 lb. silky terrier very comfortably. This carrier easily does that with an amazing foam removable bottom, 1 1/2″ thinkLove, love, love. And it arrived as promised! Polly from Florida
I purchased this for my toy poodle puppy, so I take my puppy with me whenever I can. The puppy has plenty of room and will still fit when he is at adult height/weight. He can lay in it and hang his head out the side or sit in it and pop his head out of the top. The design gives you lots of options Peggy from Pennsylvania
My guy loves the super soft pillow and loves that he can peak out the top without getting out! Danielle from Texas

Travel and Customer Service Reviews:
Absolutely love this carrier for long journeys. I travelled from the uk to sardinia with this with my chihuahua in by car train and boat and it worked for everything. My dog was safe and comfortable and I had all my personal belongings in one place. Carole from United Kingdom

Petote Roxy Dog Carrier — Red

I am thrilled with the service and product I purchased from Doggie Diva. I had researched literally hundreds of bags but your video won me over! My trip was awesome because I had my furbaby with me the entire time using my new bag, from the hotel to the Boardwalk,concerts to the restaurants, the bag was PERFECT Connie fromVirginia

i could not be happier with this bag. i travel extensively, so my little 4 1/2 # T-cup Papillon spends some time in her bag frequently. i also love the fact that the pad and pad cover are SO easy to wash and quick to dry. i love the 2 top flaps that allow her to pop her head out but not escape (she’s a little Houdini, but she is very secure in this bag). Frankie from California
The reviews cover all the brands, sizes and styles that you will find at Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique. Choose from Jaraden Soho, Mon Ami le Petit, Shacara, Kwigy-Bo Alex and Alexa and Petote Metro. Then please be sure to write your dog carrier reviews, so we can continue to provide you with the quality service you expect.

Note from Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique: The reviews are excerpts copied from the Doggie-Diva.com Dog Carriers area of website. Read more on the site.

Fall Apple Treats for Dogs – Try These Dog Recipes

Fall Apple Treats for Dogs – Try These Dog Recipes

Sweet ApplesThis is the first week of Fall and apple treats for dogs are a great way to celebrate the bountiful crop that is in the grocery stores! Make homemade dog treats from the following handy recipes. We found that Red Delicious, Golden Delicious and Fuji are the best when you do not want to add sugar…they are sweet enough on their own! Also, be careful when the recipe calls for Apple Sauce. Spices can be harmful to dogs, so plain applesauce is the only one to use, or make your own (See instructions at the end of this blog!)

We found these recipes on Dogster and they sound simply delicious enough to SHARE with your canine family member!

Banana Mutt Cookies

Yield: Makes about 20 mutt pleasers
1 1/2 cups ripe mashed bananas
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
3 cups oats
1/2 cup chopped peanuts
1/4 cup applesauce
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Mix all ingredients together thoroughly.
Drop spoonfuls of the mixture onto an ungreased baking sheet, and press flat with a fork.
Bake for approximately 15 minutes, then cool on a rack before serving. Store in an airtight container.

Apple Crunch Pupcakes

Yield: 12-14 Pupcakes
· 2 3/4 cups water
· 1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce
· 2 tablespoons honey
· 1 medium egg
· 1/8 teaspoon vanilla extract
· 4 cups whole wheat flour
· 1 cup apple, dried
· 1 tablespoon baking powder
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a small bowl, mix together water, applesauce, honey, egg and vanilla. In a large bowl, combine flour, apple chips and baking powder. Add liquid ingredients to dry ingredients and mix until very well blended. Pour into greased muffin pans, Bake 1 1/4 hours, or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out dry. Store in a sealed container.

Rodimel Family Blog PixThe Rodimels Family Blog contains a fabulous recipe that provides superior nutritional benefits for your precious pooch.

Homemade Apple and carrots Dog Treats Recipe


1/2 cup chopped apple
1/2 cup chopped carrot
1/2 cup applesauce
1 t. baking powder
1 cup rye (or general purpose) flour
1 egg
parchment paper

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. Chop up apples and carrots to 1/4 inch cubes. Carrots do good in a food processor. Apples, not so much.
3. Add all ingredients in a mixing bowl. Mix everything together well with a spoon or by hand.
4. Sprinkle pastry mat or countertop with some extra flour so your dough doesn’t stick.
5. Put dough on pastry mat or countertop. Begin to flatten out by hand, sprinkling more flour on top of dough as needed (to prevent stickiness)
6. Use rolling pin to roll out dough until it is about 1/4 inch thick.
7. Using a cookie cutter (We have dog bone shaped ones that we got from Amazon), begin cutting out individual treats. Place them on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper.
8. Put in oven and cook for 30-35 minutes. Treats will be firm but not hard when done. Store in refrigerator.

Homemade Apple Sauce:

Sarah’s Applesauce from All Recipes website
Yield: 2 servings
• 4 apples – peeled, cored and chopped
• 3/4 cup water
• 1/4 cup white sugar (optional if using sweet apples)
• 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
In a saucepan, combine apples, water, sugar and cinnamon. Cover, and cook over medium heat for 15 to 20 minutes, or until apples are soft. Allow to cool, then mash with a fork or potato masher.

Apple Treats for Dogs Health Notes:

Sissy and Dog Treat IngredientsDO NOT let dogs eat apple seeds!

Cinnamon in small amounts, as in the homemade applesauce recipe is actually good for dogs. Cinnamon has properties that help senior dogs with their joints. Read the article, “Of all the items in my pantry, the one I never want to run out of is cinnamon” by Julia Szabo from Nov 12th 2010, on Dogster’s website.

Enjoy sharing the Fall harvest by giving your doggies the chance to get treats that are just as tasty to them as they are to you! Apple treats for dogs are not only healthy; they are also great for special training incentives and showing how much you adore your precious fur baby.

The Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique would like to thank and appreciate the folloing photo Souces:

Apples: Fruit for the Office Blog

Dog Biscuits: The Rodimel Family Blog

Siddy and Dog Treat Ingredients – Author’s dog, Sophie

Dog Medical Detectives – Not Just Another Dog Tale!

Dog Medical Detectives – Not Just Another Dog Tale!

Photo Credit: European Lung FoundationAre dogs really medical detectives for humans at heart? Have you ever wondered why your dog likes to smell  your breath first thing in the morning? The dog sense of smell is almost 1 million times greater than human smell detectors. There are dogs trained to detect impending epileptic, diabetic and anxiety attacks in their owners. Other dogs are trained to sniff out drugs, bombs and dangerous objects. Medical science is continuing research into the wider possibilities for medical detection dogs.

How Dogs Detect Medical Conditions

Because humans excrete fluid through sweat, saliva and urine, the biological markers that may determine an abnormality have distinguishing scents to dogs. Don’t laugh! The initial researchers did at first, then decided to take this phenomenon seriously. The Article, “Medical detection dogs: how they could save our lives in a sniff”, first published in 2013 in Medical News Today explains how the initial discovery of hypoglycemia detection in diabetics led to more research in other diseases.

Training for Medical Detection Dogs

The training is an exact science that must come from medical research resources. Germany and the UK have done the most extensive research and training, while the USA is beginning to certify valid resources.

Our Dogs UK (Bing search)The video in Medical News Today’s article shows how the dogs are trained to identify specific diseases in urine samples and rewarded accordingly for their findings.

In the article, “Cancer and Bio Detection Dogs,”published by the Extraordinary Dogs Foundation, 2011, there are anecdotal stories about people whose dogs had a sniffing habit at specific spots on the human’s body. The article points out that while these stories turned out to be the precursor to a true diagnosis, this behavior should not be taken as factual, since dogs cannot tell us what they are sniffing! Instead, the research that proves dogs can sniff out certain diseases means early detection by a dog’s nose gives medical scientists a way to further investigate the chemical abnormalities that a dog smells.

The Future of Dog Medical Detection

The Animal Planet Article, “Can Dogs Detect Health Problems in People?” Includes research at the Pine Street Foundation in California performed in 2006 that found dogs could be trained to detect breast and lung cancer through breath samples. Dog candidates for medical detection training are often Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers simply because of their friendly and eager to please dispositions. Australian Shepherds, Beagles and Poodles have also been part of medical alert training.

Even though we are not ready, just yet, to rely on our dog’s medical diagnosis abilities, it is encouraging to know that medicine, science and canine research is happening to help us humans be more independent and healthy! Doctors can prescribe seeing-eye, medical alert and guide dogs for patients. Maybe one day, we will visit our doctor and get a true preliminary “lab report” from the doc’s dog medical detective!

The Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique would like to thank and acknowledge the following resources for research and pictures
Medical News today
Extraordinary Dogs
Animal Planet

Picture 1
Sniffer dog Training Copyright European Lung Foundation
Picture 2
Medical Detection Dog, Our Dogs UK (Bing search)

A Labor Day Shout Out to Working dogs for Wounded Warriors

A Labor Day Shout Out to Working dogs for Wounded Warriors

This Labor Day weekend, we want to salute the working dogs that support our wounded warriors. September is National Service Dog Month and we feel that recognizing the need for service dogs to help our wounded warriors is a cause close to many of our hearts!

Evolution of Wounded Warrior Service Dogs

Photo Credit - K9s for Warriors

Photo Credit – K9s for Warriors

National Service Dog Month originated in 2008 with the work of the late actor Dick Van Patten, who generated fund raising and national awareness campaigns to support training schools for guide and service dogs. Originally established as National Guide Dog Month, the annual event has gained ground by bringing attention to the demand for non-profit groups that will train dogs for people with acute disabilities. Organizations that train dogs specifically for wounded warriors sprouted up between 2003 and 2006. The demand for service dogs to help soldiers returning with PTSD and TBI is so great, that the efforts started by Dick Van Patten to raise funds and create awareness is even greater today.

How Service Dogs for Soldiers work

The overall Mission of the groups we list below is to provide service dog training for wounded veterans at no cost to the soldier. The stories and videos on each website give you heartwarming accounts of how much these dogs mean to the veterans who are suffering with visible as well as invisible injuries from war. When a soldier applies for a service dog with any of these groups, they are on a list to train with a dog that matches the individual’s needs. Some organizations will even train a dog already adopted by the soldier, if the dog can measure up to the training requirements. The dogs that match their new owners are often rescue dogs from shelters all over the country. The people who run the wounded warrior service dogs schools are also very creative in meeting demand by putting the rescue dogs with prison programs that award deserving inmates the job of giving the dogs their basic training.

Three Notable Service Dogs for Veterans Groups:

K9’s for Warriors, Jacksonville, FL
The Duvalls have Camp K9 located at Ponte Vedre Beach, just outside Jacksonville FL, where the rescued dogs are trained and the warriors spend three weeks training time with their new fur partner. Visit their website to get complete information on the program.

Patriot Paws, Rockwell, TX
The Patriot Paws group chooses dogs from breeders, shelters, rescue organizations and service dog breeders. Their criteria is to choose only the best of the best pups to send for training with the local Correctional Institute’s female inmate trainers. The video on the home page is a MUST WATCH!

Paws and Stripes, Albuquerque, NM
The Staneks have personal experience with PTSD. Through Lindsey Stanek’s adoption of a rescue dog to help her husband, James, they began their mission to help other PTSD and TBI victims with a service dogs for warriors program. Watch the videos to get a real sense of the Staneks’ dedication.

Why Service Dogs Help Wounded Warriors

Photo Credit - Paws and Stripes

Photo Credit – Paws and Stripes

We have written previous articles about how dogs have healing and therapeutic effects on their humans. There is now research available to prove that the Oxytocin hormone communication between dog and person can produce positive relationship effects. A trained service dog can calm anxiety, detect human chemical changes and prevent harmful reactions to events. When you read the stories behind working dogs for wounded warriors, we think you will want to contribute to the cause of helping our returning soldiers. All the sites given have many ways to contribute not just money, but also time and awareness for their efforts.

The Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique would like to thank and appreciate the following resources:
Dog Time News – The Dog Time articles below have several links to all the Working Dogs for Wounded Warriors groups.
Celebrate National Service Dog Month, By Vicki Clinebell September 1st, 2015

How PTSD Service Dogs Help Heal Wounded Warriors, By Vicki Clinebell on May 21st, 2015