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Mica StudyBuddy

Dogs as Study Buddies

Attention Doggie-Parents: We love to have a job, and it does not matter what size we are. I am here to inform you that we (doggies) are, in fact, great partners when it comes to studying, practicing and inspiring! Here are a few ways I know that I am helpful and so are my friends. […]

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Puppies Need Doggie Mom to Teach Manners

When you adopt a puppy, it is best to let them stay with their mom for at least eight weeks. The linked video on the Doggie-Diva Facebook page demonstrates the importance of a doggie mom’s place in socializing her puppies. Biting and Chewing New pups like to use their tiny sharp teeth to explore their […]

guide_dogwsf puppy picture

Service Dogs Have Many Roles

Service dogs always evoke a smile when we see one in a restaurant, walking in town, or boarding public transportation. The individual who needs the service dog has a serious health issue that requires assistance in order to function in the real world. To better understand the value of these specially trained dogs, we rounded […]

Alex Bag BlackContest Photo

Here is a Chance to Travel in Style with a Free Dog Carrier

You can take your small doggie partner that weighs under 12 lbs. with you anywhere, in a free dog carrier,  by winning the Dogster Friday Freebie contest. The Alex Dog Carrier in Black by Kwigy-Bo will fit your style and fashion sense. Take a look at the photo. Doesn’t the quilted material and silver metal […]

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What do the Dog Days of Summer Mean for Doggie?

The frequently used phrase “Dog Days of Summer” may simply mean that it is hot everywhere. The term descends from ancient Rome where the rise of the Dog Star, Sirius, in the daytime, rather than nighttime marked the period in July and August when it was hot!  A clear sign that your doggie knows about […]


Is Your Dog a Contender in Dog Competitions?

I am an ordinary mixed breed dog. I look great, love my masters and obey most commands. My younger sister and I have friends who are pure breed dogs that win dog competitions where they can win pretty ribbons and get lots of praise. Our friends say there are many ways to compete, so I […]

Shiloh Smile

Dog Teeth That Are Pearly White

Does your dog smile and show her teeth? When most dogs pant, you can see the tongue and teeth as the jaws spread. Inspect herdog teeth and gums to prevent dental troubles that could affect her overall health. Tooth and Gum Color White teeth indicate great dental health in dogs, just like in humans. If […]

Beagle puppy!

Do I Get a Puppy or Adopt an Adult?

When you fall in love with a dog, you will not have to choose between a puppy or an adult. The decision is easy because you already want to commit to the dog you have found, adopted or inherited. However, when you make the decision to get a dog, you need to look at the […]

Shiloh Sit

Teach Patience with This Dog Trick!

Have you ever marveled at all the cute dog tricks you see on YouTube, late night TV or Facebook? It is true that dogs enjoy entertaining us. They wag their tails when we do something that makes them happy. When a dog learns how to do a job (or dog trick) they see this as […]

Shiloh Newspaper Close-Up lighter

Funny Dog Gets a Paper Route

Hi there. It’s me again…Shiloh! As a very young pup, I was so eager to please my new masters that I always found funny dog ways to help them. For example, my dad, Doc, walked to the road for the morning paper and brought it inside for my mom, LouLou. After a few days of […]