5 Dog Care Resolutions for 2016

Healthy resolutions for dog care will extend your fur pal’s life

Dog Hoodies

Now that you have set your own goals for 2016, it is time to look at your pets’ healthcare and make dog care resolutions. When you consciously plan and budget with annual resolutions for pet care you will help your beloved best friend be healthier through the year, safely avoid accidents or food issues and ultimately have a longer lifespan! Continue reading

Cutest Dog Photo Contest on Facebook – Enter to Win!

Enter your pets’ cutest dog photo contest on our Facebook Page by Jan 3rd to win…

dog photo contestAre all the treats and goodies your doggie got for gifts already gone? We have a solution! Enter our Cutest Dog Photo Contest on Facebook to win your choice of a great prize from the Doggie Diva Dog Boutique Sales and Clearance web page! Continue reading

FDA Dog Food Recall Notice

Doggie Diva Online Boutique tries to keep our customers informed when a pet food recall affects your pet’s health…

RecallThe Food and Drug Administration just released a pet food recall bulletin on December 10, 2015 that warns of a recall from Bravo Pet Foods of Manchester, Connecticut. Continue reading

Peace on Earth Lessons from Dogs

Dog Training is not WHAT you say, it is the WAY you say it…

guide_dogwsf puppy pictureIs a new puppy, a shelter rescue or a dog adoption in your future? If so, you are about to experience the most important lessons from dogs that will make you a better person. First, training your new family member is critical to the success of your pet’s good behavior and safety. Continue reading

10 Ways Dogs are Thankful for their People

Giving thanks for people from a dog’s perspective

Cha Cha Couture Denim Dog SlingFor those of us who are passionate dog lovers, we thought you might like to know why our dogs are thankful for our love and attention, on this Thanksgiving Day. These observations come from experience with our Doggie-Diva Boutique family of beloved dogs. Continue reading

Pet Carrier – Reasons Your Small Dog Deserves One

Mia Michelle Sadie 5 Reasons to Take Your Small Dog with You Using a Pet Carrier…

Among the advantages of having a small dog as your best friend is the ability to carry him or her everywhere with you. While keeping your sweet pup on a leash is customary, a pet carrier is the alternative way to travel with her that will make both of you comfortable and happy! Here are five reasons to make a dog carrier one of your indispensable accessories! Continue reading

What Scientist Know Today about Dog Memory

What Scientist Know Today about Dog Memory

StayHow good is your dog’s memory? According to Science Daily, a study at Duke University was conducted using laboratory and “citizen scientists” to prove that dog memory is a real phenomenon. In fact, dog memory in this study proved to be more important than canine sense of smell! Continue reading

Fall Fashion Musts for Pets from Petote Designer Dog Carriers

Fall Fashion Musts for Pets from Petote Dog Carriers

Petote Dog Carriers at the Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique are luxury pet carriers at reasonable prices with style and convenience to take for any occasion. Here it is, mid-October and you have changed out your Fall wardrobe. But what about your small dog’s wardrobe? Dogs Like to Tailgate, Too!

Petote Roxy Dog Carrier Red

Petote Roxy Dog Carrier — Red

Continue reading

Dog Carrier Reviews Online Reveal Why Your Small Dog Will Love to Travel

We hear from our customers in dog carrier reviews online about how they travel with their dogs. We like to

Kwigy Bo Alex Dog Carriers Black/White

Kwigy Bo Alex Dog Carriers Black/White

know what our customers think about Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique products, quality expectations and customer service. We have three main dog carrier products: Jaraden, Kwigy-Bo and Petote. Continue reading

Fall Apple Treats for Dogs – Try These Dog Recipes

Fall Apple Treats for Dogs – Try These Dog Recipes

Sweet ApplesThis is the first week of Fall and apple treats for dogs are a great way to celebrate the bountiful crop that is in the grocery stores! Make homemade dog treats from the following handy recipes. Continue reading