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Brthday Dogs

Dogs on Facebook

Do you share too many photos of your dog on Facebook? Are your friends and family sharing their dog pictures? Do you get “likes” for your doggie’s postings?  Well, if not then why not? Our dogs are part of the family!  We know you have tons of pictures on Facebook of babies and children posted […]

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Rio Noir Dots Rolling Dog Carrier

Who Says We Must Stay Home?

Listen up, doggie parents! We like travel as much as you do, so here are a few good reasons to carry us along so you won’t miss us so much. Petote Dog Carriers at Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique ($99.95-$359.95) are just as stylish as any bag, tote or purse you carry. Here is what my friends […]

Thoroughbred Lab

Buy or rescue a new dog?

When you make the decision to get a dog, it should not be a snap decision. Parents want a puppy for their kids; an individual gets a dog for companionship; a city resident decides a dog is good protection; or a cat lover wants to try a dog. It depends upon your motive for having […]

Lsu Tigers Dog Sweater

NCAA Final Four: Wisconsin or Florida?

Or it may be neither one. My brother and his dog, BoBo, live in Wisconsin. My dog, SuSu, and I live in Florida. So you might say there is a rivalry going on this weekend between our families. BoBo the Brittany Spaniel, will be wearing his warm University of Wisconsin Sweater and SuSu, my Schnauzer, […]

Sophie Face Cropped

Dogs and April Fools Jokes

We humans think that April Fool’s Day is only April 1st. What do we know? Dogs have April Fool’s Day every day. If you don’t think so, listen to what this girl doggie, Sissy, a white Lab, has to say about that!  Folks, I may be just a dog, but I know a few things […]

Doggles Dog Sunglasses

Dogs Who Wear Glasses

Military, service, working, border patrol, police and security dogs prefer Doggie-Diva Doggles Sunglasses. ($14.95-$19.95) Vet Ophthalmologists recommend dog glasses to protect your dog’s eyes from UV Rays and harmful environmental conditions. Hunters, beach lovers, runners and dog walkers, pay attention! When you protect your own eyes, do not forget your doggie’s eyes too.  Proactive Glasses […]

Military dog memorial

A Tribute to our Four-Legged Military Heroes

The accounts of dog heroism are heart rending, while heart warming. Military dogs in today’s conflicts are honored, awarded and canonized by their human partners in arms and government leaders. Where did these wonderful furry creatures come from…heaven?  The term anthropomorphism is commonly used to describe how humans tend to regard their pets. That is, […]

Two-Toned Backpack

Let’s Take a Road Trip!

My doggie friends and I had a great time with our owners during Spring Break. We went on hikes, picnics, to an outdoor concert and a “Shakespeare in the Park” event. We thought you would like to know how we help our moms and dads carry stuff on trips. We have backpacks for dogs from […]

Sad Doggie

Don’t Leave Me!

 The common cry of a dog that suffers from separation anxiety may take the form of barking, scratching, chewing, peeing or any number of inappropriate behaviors in your absence. Statistically, the most common reason for dogs given to shelters is separation anxiety.   Some facts that are startling and sad:      Destructive behavior can harm […]

Large Dog Strollers

Roll Your Pet Along with Strollers

Dog strollers are plentiful at the Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique. It’s Spring and time to branch out for strolls with your fur-buddy. If you like to jog, Doggie-Diva has strollers specifically for you. When you need a casual walk to the park with your larger dog, Doggie-Diva has just the right stroller. If you have a […]