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Is Your Dog a Contender?

I am an ordinary mixed breed dog. I look great, love my masters and obey most commands. My younger sister and I have friends who are pure breed dogs that compete in contests where they can win pretty ribbons and get lots of praise. Our friends say there are many ways to compete, so I […]

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Shiloh Smile

Dogs with Pearly White Teeth

Does your dog smile and show her teeth? When most dogs pant, you can see the tongue and teeth as they spread their jaws. Inspect your pet’s teeth and gums to prevent dental troubles that affect your pup’s overall health. Tooth and Gum Color White teeth indicate great dental health in dogs, just like in […]

Beagle puppy!

Do I Get a Puppy or Adopt an Adult?

When you fall in love with a dog, you will not have to choose between a puppy or an adult. The decision is easy because you already want to commit to the dog you have found, adopted or inherited. However, when you make the decision to get a dog, you need to look at the […]

Shiloh Sit

Teach Doggie Patience with This Trick!

Have you ever marveled at all the cute dog tricks you see on YouTube, late night TV or Facebook? It is true that dogs enjoy entertaining us. They wag their tails when we do something that makes them happy. When a dog learns how to do a job (or trick) they see this as not […]

Shiloh Newspaper Close-Up lighter

Dog Gets a Paper Route

Hi there. It’s me again…Shiloh! As a very young pup, I was so eager to please my new masters that I always found ways to help them. For example, my dad, Doc, walked to the road for the morning paper and brought it inside for my mom, LouLou. After a few days of walking with […]

Photo by Red Lab No. 27

Made for Doggie With Love

Sweet treats for our beloved dogs come in all sizes, shapes and flavors. They also come in boxes, bags and wrappers with ingredients posted on the label. But as a dog lover and owner, you can make simple, tasty, treats for your best friend right in your own kitchen! Veterinarians discourage giving dogs “people food” […]



History The Havanese breed belongs to the Bichon family of dogs. They were first brought to Cuba by Spanish trade in the early 16th Century. Although it is an old breed, the AKC did not officially recognize it until 1995.The name comes from his location of ancestry in this hemisphere. They were once known as […]

Jeffrey and Sgt Carter FB

Dog Rescue by Texas Police Department

My name is Shiloh, and I am a rescued dog. I was abandoned on a country airstrip as a 7-week old puppy. Thank goodness a pilot saw me, stopped his plane and took me home with him. I ended up with a wonderful couple who have loved and cared for me for the last 13 […]


Can You Take Your Doggie to the Gym?

Dogs need exercise just like us, but how much depends on a few important factors. Dog gymnastics is a dog sport in which the dog completes a timed track course directed by the dog handler. Dog agility is the necessary exercise to keep your pup active and youthful. Large dogs, sporting dogs, working dogs and […]


Airedale Terrier

History The Airedale Terrier is the largest of the Terrier breed. They were bred from the rough coated black and tan terrier and otter hound. The result was a smart dog that could swim and catch the scent of game. The name Airedale evolved from “waterside” and Bingley Terrier that identified the breed’s traits and […]