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When Dogs Beg for People Food

Does Your Doggie Beg for People Food? I know…it’s a holiday and the food on your table is special. However, there are so many reasons NOT to give in when your doggie starts to beg for people food. This week you may indulge your family with traditional turkey, dressing, cranberry, sweet potato, pumpkin and all […]

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Gifts for Dogs Holiday ideas!

Gifts for Dogs Holiday ideas! It is never too early (Halloween is over!) to collect ideas and start shopping for gifts for dogs. I have many furry friends who have asked me to give you some suggestions about what they would like Santa to bring them. TOYS AND TREATS Conway wants a Cast of Characters […]

Enter the HALLOWEEN PET CONTEST at Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique

Enter the HALLOWEEN PET CONTEST at the Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique! Get your cameras ready! We want to see your precious pets in their Halloween best! Put a picture of your Halloween Dog or pet in Costume on our Facebook page, and we will make an award on November 16th! WIN: We will send you a […]

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Cool Dog Treat Recipes for the Holidays Will Keep Doggie Happy and Safe!

Holidays can be tricky for family and pets when it comes to treats. We know many foods  in holiday fare that can be  dangerous to dogs. Chocolate, grapes, raisins and hard candies are only a few temptations that our dogs’ tummies or teeth cannot handle. Here are some cool dog treat recipes for the holidays […]

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Dog Carrier Reviews Online Reveal Why Your Small Dog Will Love to Travel

We hear from our customers in dog carrier reviews online about how they travel with their dogs. We like to know what our customers think about Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique products, quality expectations and customer service. We have three main dog carrier products: Jaraden, Kwigy-Bo and Petote. Two of the most popular are the Kwigy-Bo Alex […]

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Fall Fashion Musts for Pets from Petote Dog Carriers

Fall Fashion Musts for Pets from Petote Dog Carriers Petote Dog Carriers at the Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique are luxury pet carriers at reasonable prices with style and convenience to take for any occasion. Here it is, mid-October and you have changed out your Fall wardrobe. But what about your small dog’s wardrobe? Dogs Like to […]

Two Dogs – Two Jaraden Pet Carriers: Meeting at the Bank

Two Dogs – Two Jaraden Pet Carriers: Meeting at the Bank This is a story of two dogs that meet in a bank when the pet owners carry them in Jaraden pet carriers. FiFi is a black fluffy Toy Poodle, and Georgie is a white Yorkshire Terrier. FiFi’s pet dad is an executive at the […]

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Dogs Chew Because They Need To!

Dogs Chew Because They Need To! Dogs chew because it is their instinct. Think of it…animals do not have fingers and thumbs like we do, so how do they explore their world and pick up things? They use their nose and mouth to learn about new objects and people. Puppies start their chewing habit when […]


Westie Terrier Dog Factsand Breed Information

West Highland White Terrier – Westie       If you have not yet visited the Doggie-Diva “Dog Breeds” section of our blog, please do! Today’s featured dog breed is the Westie. Friends on Facebook show  adorable photos of their Westies, so we thought you would like to know more! There are other breeds featured […]

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Dogs as Study Buddies

Attention Doggie-Parents: We love to have a job, and it does not matter what size we are. I am here to inform you that we (doggies) are, in fact, great partners when it comes to studying, practicing and inspiring! Here are a few ways I know that I am helpful and so are my friends. […]