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Antler Dog Chews Your Pup Will Eat, Chew, Love!

Antler Dog Chews: Antler dog chews your pup will eat, chew and love!

Every dog loves to snack on tasty treats, but much like with humans, just because something tastes good to them doesn’t mean it is good FOR them. Enter antler dog chews — one of the healthiest chew treats you can give your dog.

Jumbo-sized Antler dog Chews

Jumbo-sized Antler dog Chews

These antlers for dogs come from wild elk. Every year, elk naturally shed their antlers and typically they would just be left on the forest floor. However, in many areas, this valuable resource of vitamins and minerals is picked up off the ground, cleaned up a bit, chopped into manageable pieces and then sold as dog treats.

Benefits of Antler Dog Chews

Antlers for Dogs *yummy*

What makes elk antlers for dogs so good for your dog? Let’s look at how they benefit you, the owner — antler dog chews are durable and won’t be chewed through in a single night like some rawhide bones and other dog chew treats will by aggressive chewers. Elk antlers for dogs can last several months before your dog gets it so small that he can no longer chew on it (all dog chews should be taken from a dog when they become small enough to swallow whole).

Antler dog chews also don’t smell bad or stain after your dog has chewed on one for awhile, unlike rawhide bones.

Elk Antler Benefits for Dogs

But what does your dog get out of it? Antlers are tasty to your pet, but they don’t splinter (which can happen with deer antler chews). The elk antlers for dogs that Doggie Diva sells are not treated with any chemicals, so you don’t have to worry about any “secret ingredients” that might make your dog sick.

Antler dog chews can help whiten and clean your dog’s teeth as he chews and chews on it for months. Extremely fresh elk antlers have a layer of velvet on the outside — if you request antlers for dogs that still have the velvet, the vitamins and minerals in it can help a dog’s arthritis and other joint problems.

Prices vary depending on the size antler you get — small sizes at about 7 lbs are $9.95 and the largest size for mastiffs are about the size of an adult human forearm and are $49.95.

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