Need a Good Dog Stocking Stuffer? Check Out Antler Dog Chews

Mastiff-sized Antler Dog Chews

Mastiff-sized Antler Dog Chew

Want to make your dog’s dreams come true this Christmas? Give him a treat he won’t soon forget (or finish!). Antler dog chews are a great gift for any dog on your list — just don’t let him chew through his stocking to get to it!

Better than a rawhide bone, antlers for dogs can last for months, even for aggressive chewers! Plus, there’s no sticky residue or gross-out smell that other chew treats leave behind. Give your dog something he’ll want to chew on all day besides your furniture or your shoes.

Why Antler Dog Chews Should Be in Fido’s Stocking

Elk antlers for dogs come in a wide variety of sizes — from small ones for dogs under 7 pounds to Mastiff-worthy antler dog chews that are the size and girth of a large human forearm to accommodate their giant jaws. Depending on the size you get, elk antlers for dogs are from $9.95 to $49.95. Packed full of vitamins and minerals that your dog needs to stay healthy, this is just all around a great treat.

For the highest quality, request antler dog chews that still have the outside layer of velvet intact. This natural layer is not only tasty to your dog, but it has even more good things for your dog’s body.

Still stumped for other Christmas dog gifts? Check out two of our top picks for Christmas 2012:

  • Silly Pulls Dog Toys ($18.99) make for great tug-of-war toys, or it may just become your dog’s new favorite buddy.
  • NFL Dog Products are a great choice for the football/dog lovers in your family. NFL dog bowls, dog jerseys and more are available in our store.

Need Antlers for Dogs by Christmas?

Christmas delivery is still available for you late shoppers! This includes the Doggie-Diva selection of Jaraden carriers and many other items. But you need to call or email before placing an order at or (516) 384-0977 to make sure you get that “just in time” delivery.

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  1. […] Dogs love to chew, but you don’t always love what they chew on. Elk antlers for dogs are a favorite for several reasons: antlers for dogs last for a long time (even with aggressive chewers), dogs love how they taste and they have plenty of vitamins and minerals to keep your dog’s body happy, especially if you get elk antlers for dogs with the velvet layer intact. Check out our last post for more info on elk antler treats. […]

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