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Merry Christmas! What’s in Your Doggie’s Stocking?

Merry Christmas to you and your family (canine and otherwise!) from the Doggie-Diva online dog boutique

The big day is finally here! May your holiday be filled with good friends, cheerful family and enough eggnog to go around. Plus, don’t forget to give your favorite four-legged friend a treat or two to celebrate Christmas Day.

What are your requirements for a great holiday? We bet your dog’s hoping for just a little extra love from his favorite people, and that includes you!

We want to know: Do you stuff a stocking for your pets on Christmas? What do you like to give your pets to celebrate the festive season?

Here are some of our favorite holiday gifts for dogs that we like to give our pups (and they’d make great gifts to start the new year!):

Elk Antlers for Dogs for Christmas — Tasty, Healthy, Awesome

Dogs love to chew, but you don’t always love what they chew on. Elk antlers for dogs are a favorite for several reasons: antlers for dogs last for a long time (even with aggressive chewers), dogs love how they taste and they have plenty of vitamins and minerals to keep your dog’s body happy, especially if you get elk antlers for dogs with the velvet layer intact. Check out our last post for more info on elk antler treats.

All I Want for Christmas Is Some Bling — Dog Collar Charms!

What kind of bling does your dog sport? You don’t need to be a celebrity to make your dog look fab wherever they go. Dog collar charms are a favorite way for many owners to dress up their dog collars. Pick one that matches your personality or the personality of your pup!

Dog Toys Underneath the Christmas Tree

Christmas is all about toys for so many kids, and for many dogs, too! From rope toys to dog Frisbees, almost all dog toys are a great way to help your dog get the exercise she needs while having a blast.


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