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What’s Your Favorite Dog Breed?

Beagle puppy! Image from Flickr User filmismylove

Not every dog lover has a favorite breed, but many of us do. There are some dogs that are better for certain tasks, like herding or hunting, but others are ideal primarily as companions.

But what makes us love a particular breed over others?

There are often personality traits that are common to a dog breed, and that’s what we fall in love with. Breed is a powerful thing — all the dog breeders, both legitimate and the puppy mills, are proof of that.

Cuteness is definitely a factor for me — something just makes me involuntarily say “awwww!” at the sight of a Welsh Corgi or an English Bull Dog.

Sometimes we like a dog breed because it’s become popular in the media, even if it may not be a good match for our home. 101 Dalmatians led to a frenzy of families wanting Dalmatians, even though they can be a tricky, energetic breed. Even President Obama’s Portuguese Water Dog named Bo has lead to a small surge in the popularity of that breed.

Awww! A Corgi! Image by Flickr User erink_photography

Of course, not every dog breed deserves the reputation that it gets. Pit bulls are an example of oft-misunderstood dogs — they’re common in the pound and hard to adopt out because they are known for being vicious. But they aren’t mean unless an owner trains them to be. It’s not a fair perception, but it impacts them all the same.

There are plenty of reasons to love a dog, whether it’s a pure bred Beagle or a mixed breed of who-knows-what that you adopted from the shelter. However, there’s no getting around that dog breeds play a heavy factor in what a dog will be like and the kind of care and attention it will need.

So, tell us: Why do you love the dog breeds that you do? Let us know in the comments.

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