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Dog Collars for Sassy Canines!

How does your dog show her sassy style? Dog collars are a fun and simple way to showcase your her personality without a high cost — whether you give her one she always sports or change out her collars every day of the week!

Tiles Dog Collar in OrangeWhether your dog is XXS or XL, you’ll find a collar that fits at the Doggie Diva shop! Cotton dog collars are great for summer because they breathe well and come in all sorts of funky, colorful designs. They’re also machine washable, give you several buckle choices and have an optional matching bow tie or flower for a really cute look! You can also pick up the bow ties and flowers separately to adorn your dog’s current collar.

Poetica Dog Collar with matching flower

Is your dog a preppy at heart? The Madras Dog Collar in Plaid ($16.95-$22.95) has that preppy plaid look in bright colors and superb stitching. The matching flower really brings out that preppy look in these designer dog collars :)

The Poetica Cotton Dog Collars ($16.95-$22.95) are perfect for the girly dog (or girly owner!). The elegant design features bright pinks and greens on a dark gray background for a design that is both classy and eye-catching.

Sassy Pants Dog Collar with matching flower

For a really sassy canine, check out the Sassy Pants Dog Collar ($16.95-$22.95)! Small white dots on a black background make this a designer dog collar worthy of any fashionista pup. The coordinating flower and bow tie feature the black with white dots along with a beautifully contrasting red.

Bow Wow Couture Wedding Dog Collar (Matching Black Bow Tie and Black Flower Available)

If you’re heading to a wedding this year (or being in one), get your dog ready for the occasion with one of the Bow Wow Couture Wedding Dog Collars ($22.95-$28.95). Add a matching bow tie or flower to really blend in with the wedding party!

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