Leaving Dogs Alone in Cars Can Be Dangerous: Pedestrian Hit in PA

Shar peis in car

Be careful when leaving your pups in the car! Image from Flickr User emdot

Think leaving your dog in the car is always a safe bet? It turns out that isn’t always the case. A Pennsylvania dog was left alone in a vehicle with the engine still running and managed to push the car into drive! We’re pretty sure that pup didn’t have a driver license.

The car with only a dog to guide it slowly started to roll away, and a nearby pedestrian was struck while trying to prevent it from hitting a parked vehicle. Unfortunately, the man ended up pinched between the two vehicles, struck his head and was found on the ground unconscious. Later, he regained consciousness but was a bit dazed, and was taken to a nearby hospital.

We hope the well-meaning pedestrian makes a full recovery, and that the dog’s owner is a little more careful with his vehicle and his pet in the future.

Dog Car Safety Tips

If you need to leave your pet in the car, consider dog car safety before slipping into the supermarket. Don’t leave the engine running, especially if the only thing preventing the car from moving is the emergency brake or an easily moved gear shift.

Jaraden Getaway Dog Carrier - Black

Jaraden Getaway Dog Carriers can come with a seat belt loop for additional safety

Dog carriers can provide additional dog car safety. The Jaraden carriers have an optional safety seat belt loop that attaches to the carrier and will hold it in place while you drive around with your happy puppy in the cab. They don’t have to be in the bed of a truck! Other designer dog carriers can easily be used in your vehicle as well, and they will prevent your dog from running free and distracting you as you drive. Dog car safety laws don’t require safety belt loops for dogs, but legislation is being considered in some states.

We want to know: Do you take your dog with you in the car? What precautions do you take to make sure you, your dog and others are safe?

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