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Jaraden Carriers Make Following Dog Seat Belt Laws Simple

jaraden-dog-seat-belt-loop1Is your state considering some form of dog seat belt laws? It is if you are in New Jersey — while the governor isn’t a fan of the measure, legislators started considering enacting such a law in early October. While more pressing matters like Hurricane Sandy have most likely pushed this item to the back burner, mandatory dog seat belts may still be on the way.

Jaraden Shacara Pet Carrier Coral – Zebra

In response to this proposal, dog harnesses and seat belts for dogs have been flying off the shelves in that state. For a safety restraint that will work with the equipment you have, consider picking up one of the many Jaraden carriers in stock at and adding one of the Jaraden seat belt loops to your order.

Solutions for Dog Seat Belt Laws

The Jaraden Shacara Pet Carrier Coral ($179.95) bag offers the Jaraden seat belt loops option that offers a stylish fashion that won’t go out of season and will help you keep in line with dog seat belt laws like the New Jersey dog belt law that is under consideration. Both stylish and durable, you will love to bring your pup in the car with you.

For a more versatile option, the Jaraden Mon Ami Kennel Dog Carrier ($189.95) offers an EZ dog seat belts solution and have more room for doggie treats and amenities. Great for going to the park or taking your dog to work for the day, and with the Jaraden seat belt loops you won’t have to worry about the car ride over.

Men don’t have to be left out of this either — the messenger style Jaraden Camridge carrier also offers the loop seat belts for dogs that will prevent the carrier from sliding around the cab of your car or truck. These are designed to be a fit for masculine sensibilities.

It’s important to note that no nationwide standards have been set for seat belts for dogs, as there are currently no dog seat belt laws on the books. However, the American Pet Products Association recently stated that any restraint that limits a dog’s movement in the car and reduces driver distraction is beneficial.

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