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Let it Snow! Your Dog’s Kept Cozy in a Kwigy-Bo Carrier

Kwigy Bo Alex Dog Carriers Black/WhiteAre you wishing for a snowy Christmas season? Many people do, but that doesn’t mean you’re always excited to head out into the snow, especially when you need to take your dog with you! With a Kwigy-Bo Carrier, it’s simple to take your small dog with you, whether you need to hop on a plane or just get in the car to go downtown.

Kwigy-Bo carriers are a favorite for fashionistas everywhere because they offer your dog comfort while providing a stylish accessory for the owner. Why go anywhere without your dog in a Kwigy-Bo carrier?

Kwigy-Bo Carrier Styles

 Alexa Carriers

Go anywhere with your dog incognito style with the Kwigy-Bo dog carriers that look just like a quilted, designer handbag. The Kwigy-Bo Dog Carrier Brown Alexa ($119.95) will complement most of your wardrobe, and the nylon interior provides a comfortable ride for your puppy princess. There are also storage pockets so you can stash some treats for good dogs, and an interior safety strap ensures your pup will stay in one place. The Alexa dog bag design also comes in a solid black.

Kwigy-Bo Alexa Dog Carrier Green Camo

The Alexa style isn’t just about solid, formal colors, though. For an edgier look, check out the Kwigy-Bo Alexa Dog Carrier Green Camo ($114.95). The camouflage pattern is a fun and stylish look that you’ll love to carry with you wherever you go.

Kwigy Bo Alex Designer Dog Carriers Pink

Alex Carriers

Not sure if camo is really your style? No worries. There are plenty of other options. The Kwigy-Bo Alex Dog Carrier in Pink ($149.95) is a luxury dog carrier in a fabulous soft pink, offering storage space, the interior safety strap and a too-cute look that your dog will love to take a ride in (Get a matching pink dog collar for maximum effect!).

Alex Luxe Carriers

Kwigy-Bop Alex Luxe Gold Dog Carrier

Love that metallic handbag fabric that is so popular? Check out the Kwigy-Bo Dog Carrier Gold Alex Luxe ($159.95) and the Kwigy-Bo Dog Carrier Silver Alex Luxe ($159.95) are great picks in that category. If your dog takes a nap inside, will anyone even know it’s a dog purse?

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